Nissei launches flagship soft ice cream shop in Osaka

Last Updated: Tue, May 14, 2019 23:32 hrs

[Japan], May 5 (ANI): The number of tourists arriving in Japan is increasing every year, and Osaka is one of the most popular places especially as a food spot among gastronomes. Nissei, a pioneer company popularising soft serve ice cream in the Japanese market for about half a century, is attracting a lot of tourists with many kinds of sweets.

Osaka receives hordes of tourists, especially from Asia, throughout the year. Visitors are only expected to increase as Japan gears to host both the Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

"Silkream" is flagship store of Nissei Company located in Hankyu Sanbangai inside Umeda station. The store was relaunched in March this year.

The new store is painted in white throughout, reminding customers of white ice cream.

Nissei Company aims for this store to become one of the information bases which spreads the attractiveness of Japanese soft serve ice cream amongst the people.

"My children screamed for ice cream when they found this shop. I am so happy to see them enjoy having ice cream. We do not have many chances to see this kind of ice cream in my country, so I am glad to experience it here," a tourist from Indonesia said.

The store's menu offers a variety of popular sweets, including soft serves and colourful parfaits.

Customers can view their orders being prepared through a transparent window to the kitchen, which is one of the concepts of the relaunched shop.

"I checked this new store's information from Instagram and decided to bring my friends here," another tourist said.

"In recent years, many foreign tourists visit Osaka. This shop is renowned for the dissemination of soft ice cream in Japan for tourists from all over the world. There are many different kinds of soft ice cream with different flavours in each region. I am sure that the culture of Japanese soft ice cream seems very rare and unique to foreigners. As a pioneer of the ice cream company in Japan, we, Nissei Company, offer a comfortable and cosy environment with wonderful sweets. We would like a lot of people to experience and enjoy the renewal of flagship shop 'Silkream'," said Hiroaki Hashimoto from Nissei.

The taste of Japan with its long history is still attracting many people regardless of age and providing blissful time. (ANI)