Now, 'thumbells' to strengthen your digit texting muscles

Last Updated: Thu, Aug 01, 2013 08:44 hrs

UK telecom company O2 has announced a dumbbell or weight to be used with the thumb for the purpose of strengthening those texting muscles.

The mobile phone service provider and device company has announced a new "Fit for 4G" campaign, aiming to prepare its customers for the arrival of the network's faster network by helping them strengthen their fingers with exercises, one of which includes the use of a "thumbell."

The idea is that the network speed will be so much faster that users will be able to do more and at a faster rate, which, ultimately, might cause thumb pain.

According to the network's research, two in five people reported having had thumb pain in the past five years, and more than half said their thumbs got tired after using their smartphones.

David Johnson, general manager of devices for O2, told ABC News that their research showed that excessive usage of the phone left people with sore thumbs, so they wanted their customers to make sure their thumbs are well looked after so they could make use of all the great technology that is available at their fingertips.

The company is testing the 65-gram Thumbells internally right now with its own employees. (ANI)