NTT Communications launches new data center for future ICT

Last Updated: Wed, Apr 03, 2019 20:59 hrs

NTT Communications launched "Nexcenter Lab", a program to promote open innovation in partnership with participating companies.

The program provides Proof of Concept (PoC) environment for the development and testing of new business and service focused on digital transformation, utilizing the latest service and next-generation technology of NTT Communication's IT partners.

"Nexcenter Lab" program is available at two of NTT Communications' data centers in Tokyo.

The program will provide participating companies with exclusive space for meeting, seminar and workshop along with the use of PoC environment.

Speaking at the event Masaaki Moribayash, NTT Communication official said: "We aim to realize digital transformation for our customers and society. And, we want to continue to support ICT "Information and Communication Technology" solution and service as "Enabler" to realize DX Digital transformation".

A key purpose of this program is to enable participants to test and verify their latest technology and service with the aim to take these offerings to market at an accelerated pace.

They will have access to ICT environment where extra-high-heat server such as GPU or Graphics Processing Unit can be used, as well as advanced service of NTT Communications and Partner Company, such as hybrid cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, which can be combined to verified technology.

"Our data center is the place where we provide the latest technology to end-user with support from a variety of partners. NTT Communications data center has also footprint in 20 countries and regions and end-user can expand further development in such places", said an official of NTT Communications, Kosuke Tsumura.

NTT Communications enriches the program through a partnership with the company from various industries as well as the existing partner in IT and other industry.

NTT Communications also plans to expand the program in the Osaka area of Japan as well as in Thailand globally.

"NTT Communications is developing a solution by data center and ICT Information and Communication Technology around the world. It is aiming to expand our activity not only in Japan here but also in Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America. Especially in Southeast Asia, the rapid of the demand for startup Company and ICT are very remarkable market. We would like to expand more market around Asia", said Tomoki Morita, an official from NTT Communications.

The strong effort of Japanese company through the high quality of service and technology expands the opportunity of unlimited future possibility and smarter technology skills globally. (ANI)