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Last Updated: Sun, May 17th, 2020, 21:42:15hrs
Sankar Sridhar

Image courtesy: Sankar Sridhar

Life, as we knew it, used to be fast. Humankind was in a perpetual hurry, as if trying to outrun itself in its quest for ticking off new milestones on its never-ending list of achievements. And then, suddenly, someone pressed the reset button. Everything came to a screeching halt. 

The shift was an uncomfortable one, as is the case in the face of change. Amid the looming uncertainty, however, the range of vision has shifted eventually. 

Caught in the throes of a pandemic, when the 'new normal' is being redefined on an almost daily basis, humankind is slowly exploring its boundaries whilst being locked down within four walls. 

Travel plans have been stalled indefinitely. Outdoor enthusiasts have been forced to stay indoors. With post-Covid times remaining as elusive as ever, we spoke to internationally acclaimed photographer and travel writer, Sankar Sridhar, on how to make the most of this phase.

He says, "This is a great time to go through the works of lauded photographers. This is also a great time to sit down and get to know your camera better. Slow down and review your work. See what you like about your work. Think about what you can do better. Not what you have read about fine-tuning your skills, but how, given your lifestyle, routine, habits and approach, you can get better at it."

Plan and organise

"If you are working on stories, go through your collection and identify the missing piece. Plan on completing the series. Get your house of photos in order. Throw away what you no longer need. Sift the good from the bad."

Discussions while distancing

"This is also a great time to have discussions (through video conferencing) with other photographers/ friends on image clicked by you and them. Prepare now so you can shoot better consciously when it's time to head out to shoot," he adds.

Click away

For those who can't keep their hand off their gear, he says, "If you do want to shoot during this time, get creative with selfies. The limitations you work under today will help you emerge stronger than before. You could also shoot from the same window every day. Aim at getting a different shot every day. Train yourself to look harder."

Meanwhile, outside, Nature continues to claim her space. Wildlife is thriving, the air is clean. The results of little or no human interference are out there for all to see. Although it will be a while before all is truly well with the world (and humankind), there are silver linings aplenty. If we only know where to look.

Sridhar was recently invited by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation for his webinar Icing on the Lakes, which focuses on the breathtaking images captured during his solo treks to document the lakes in the Changthang region of Ladakh. He has also joined hands with a fundraiser initiative by Prints for India, the proceeds of which are set to benefit migrant workers during the Covid crisis.


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