Republic Day survey
Whom would you rate as the most inspiring Indian today? And who would you associate most with corruption? Take our Republic Day survey .
Many believe old age takes our netas away from the running of the nation and more often into hospitals. Others argue that experience beats everything. What's your view?
Soldiers' anguish remains muted due to their strong sense of loyalty to the country. For that reason, they need to be handled with sensitivity and compassion.
Bravehearts of India
He used hand grenades and bayonets to attack the enemy, often collecting not only rifles and bullets from the fleeing Pakistani troops, but also the food necessary to sustain his Nunnus.
The concept of equality of sexes is unquestionable. However, its application should never affect the fighting potential of the armed forces.
Republic Day tradition
It is has become a convention in India that the head of state of another country will be the chief guest on Republic Day. Here is a list of chief guests at the Republic Day celebrations over the years.
As part of the cultural programmes held on Republic Day, national awards are given to children who have shown exemplary courage in real life.