Revealed: RAF's bizarre plot to kidnap Hitler through his pilot

Last Updated: Mon, Jan 31, 2011 07:10 hrs

It has been revealed that the RAF chiefs had drawn up a bizarre plan to kidnap Adolf Hitler by hoping to recruit his personal pilot as a secret agent.

Recently discovered Second World War documents detail how they planned to fly the Nazi leader to Britain after persuading his pilot Hans Baur to divert his flight across the Channel.

His plane was to land at a Kent airfield, where he would be bundled into a car and driven to London for interrogation, reports the Daily Express.

Senior RAF officers, including Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris, had been told that Baur wanted to switch sides.

Andy Saunders, an author and military aviation historian, found the documents at the National Archives in Kew, South-west London.

The documents showed that senior officers had hoped the German dictator would arrive on March 25, 1941.

Saunders's research shows the plan sprang out of a tip-off that Baur, a General in the SS, might "turn".

Baur's son-in-law, a Bulgarian called Kiroff, had walked into the British Military Attache's office in Sofia with the information.

However, the flight never arrived and Baur appeared to stay loyal to Hitler.

He was captured by the Russians after Hitler's suicide and jailed until 1958. (ANI)