Students in Nepal protest against tax hike on imported books

Source :ANI
Author :ANI
Last Updated: Thu, Feb 27th, 2020, 02:09:10hrs
Students gather at Patan Durbar Square every evening to protest against govenment levying additional taxes on imported books

Lalitpur [Nepal], Feb 27 (ANI): Without raising slogans or holding up a single placard, students here are protesting in a unique way the government order of levying additional taxes on imported books.

Students gather at the Patan Durbar Square here every evening to hold discussions over various topics related to books whose supplies have been halted following the government order.
Last year, the Nepal government passed the order of levying an additional 10 per cent additional tax on books imported from outside the country. Following the order, the supply of books has halted and students say they face hardships in their studies.
Disgruntled students have resorted to protest by discussing topics related to books.
"We thought to design a creative protest against the government and we did not want to shout and curse the government. We thought of a creative way and a result we came to the concept like book discussions, reciting poems and so on," said Nabin Tiwari, who came up with the idea of new kind of protest.
Kshitij Chaurel is a student who arrives at the Square on daily basis to take part in the protest against the government's decision which has compelled booksellers to halt the import of books from India and other countries.
"I am a student at Tribhuwan University, currently doing my master's thesis. When I needed a book to carry out the research and went to a bookshop to buy it I was told that it is unavailable due to a hike of tax and its supply has been stopped," said Chaurel.
Nepal has been importing over 80 per cent of its books from India. The new order by the government is affecting about 400,000 students who are pursuing higher education in the country under various streams. The government brought the rule on May 29.
"The Government of Nepal has imposed 10 per cent customs duty on all books imported from India and other foreign countries. This has rapidly raised the price of the books and we are just fighting against this. We will not step down till the time government doesn't take back its decision," Nabin added. (ANI)