Thai girl in Britain 'to bed 600 punters to pay off her debt'

Last Updated: Sun, Aug 22, 2010 10:30 hrs

A Thai beauty, who fell prey to the traffickers in Britain, has to sleep with as many as 600 customers more to pay off her debts.

Mimi has already slept with 5,000 vice punters in the last year alone.

The 30-year-old is just a small part of the sex racket that has been busted in Britain by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

It has revealed that 2,600 women have been hustled into the country by criminal gangs and strong- armed into working as prostitutes to meet fees of up to 30,000 pound.

"My contract is 28,000 pound. I have to pay money," News of the World quoted Mimi as saying.

Desperate to escape poverty in her homeland, Mimi fell prey to the traffickers who lure girls with the prospect of lucrative hotel and restaurant jobs.

"I work hard here and at other places," said Mimi "I give money to my boss."

But Mimi, like the other girls, is terrified that once the debt is paid the pimp will simply have her deported. "I have no visa," she admitted. "I cannot go to the police."

According to the top cops' report, Setting The Record, one in six of the 17,000 foreign vice girls in England and Wales has been brought here by traffickers. (ANI)