The 5 types of Modi haters

Last Updated: Tue, Feb 04, 2014 07:48 hrs

The “Modi industry” or the league of men and women who seem to have made a cause or living out of hating BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is simply unprecedented in the history of Independent India.

A look at the various types…

1. The Leftie Intellectual: This is an umbrella term for historians, liberals, activists, NGOs… They have been the ruling establishment for decades and even after Liberalization and the rise of the BJP, nothing much changed in their day to day lives.

Modi threatens their very existence and that’s why they leave absolutely no chance to attack Modi. They will attack him during TV panel discussions, at public forums and will lend all their support to court cases against Modi.

The Delhi cocktail circuit for one is jittery at the thought of Modi becoming PM.

Modi is probably the first major symbol of the Right.

2. The “I am a Secular” claimer: If you oppose the minorities you are communal. If you appease the minorities you are communal. If you say the minorities should get extra special rights then again you are a communal. These finer aspects are lost on the myriad of communals of India who call themselves seculars.

For them Modi is the Fascist dictator who presided over a pogrom or a genocide. The fact that the killing of Hindus sparked Godhra is lost on them. The fact that Hindus were also killed is lost on them. The fact that maximum number of Hindus were arrested and killed in police firing is lost on them.

The fact that the legal system has cleared Modi is also lost on them.

The fact that most of the riots in India have occurred under Congress rule is totally lost to them.

3. The “Anti-Modism” Politician: The 2014 Lok Sabha elections are unparalleled in India’s history. In 1977, all the Opposition parties went after Indira Gandhi. In 1989 they went after Rajiv Gandhi. In 2014 instead of going after Congress President Sonia Gandhi whose influence has left the nation in tatters, all the parties have decided to go after Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi instead!

That is amazing because Modi has had absolutely no say in the running of this nation ever. He is just a regional leader.

The BJP is the only major party which has never done a deal with the Congress and Modi symbolizes the absolute and ultimate opponent for all parties. It is no wonder that all of them attack him equally. Earlier it was the Congress which used to attack it with the greatest gusto.

Now the Congress has been replaced by the AAP which claims to be a party with a difference but which formed a truck with the Congress within days of the announcement of
Delhi Assembly elections. AAP supporters are currently busy attacking Modi with all their might even though it is Sonia which has brought the nation to disaster.

Interestingly as the general elections are approaching, many politicians like DMK’s Karunanidhi and NCP’s Sharad Pawar are suddenly taking U-turns.

4. The self-righteous Editor/TV anchor: This is the smallest group of the lot but gets special mention because it is by far the most vocal, powerful and influential. Since 2002 editors and TV anchors have got together to launch such a vicious campaign against Modi that it is unparalleled in the history of Independent India.

They have told you that Modi masterminded the riots and supervised them. They told you that Modi is a mass murderer, he is a dictator and he is a bad administrator. They tell you that there is absolutely no development happening in the State of Gujarat.

First they told you that he would be sacked as CM. Then they told you that he could not even dream of becoming PM. Then they told you he would never get popular support. Then they told you that the BJP would never declare him PM candidate.

They told you Pappu (Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi) would be a more acceptable. They told you LK Advani was a great man and a better choice for PM. They told you that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar would be a great NDA PM.

They are now busy trying to sell AAP as the greatest thing to happen to Independent India and convincing you that Arvind Kejriwal will totally prevent Modi from becoming PM.

5. The Establishment Dude: Crores of Indians are living a certain lifestyle and they are used to it. It includes bureaucrats, officials, corrupt people and even the not so corrupt. They are very happy with the way India is running with all its warts and don’t want anything to rock the system.

They are status quoists and are afraid of a change—any change. For them Modi symbolizes a change that they cannot comprehend and a change that they are afraid of. They generally vote for the Congress but since the Grand Old Party is in such a mess, they will vote for any party other than the BJP to make sure than Modi never comes to power.

Post script…

On social media Modi had his fair share of critics, but they slowly started receding. Now interestingly the loud band of AAP supporters has suddenly decided to take Modi head-on. This follows the trend of attacking Modi instead of attacking the Congress for 10 years of misrule.

You could call it the battle of the Namotards and the AAPtards as the latter are emerging as the neo Modi haters.

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