The five types of Narendra Modi supporters

Last Updated: Tue, Jan 14, 2014 05:48 hrs

1. Change seeker: This person just wants to affect a change from time to time. He probably voted out NDA1 in 2004 even though it wasn’t doing that much of a bad job. He is sick and tired of 10 years of UPA misrule and wants a desperate change.

He realizes that a hung Parliament may throw up a UPA3 or a Third Front and the same old story may continue indefinitely for many more years. That way he sees Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as someone who’s totally different.

Modi is a rank outsider who doesn’t fit into the Delhi cocktail circuit. He may be the most different kind of person to sit on the Prime Minister’s chair. He wants to back Modi because he sees him as something radically different. He may not necessarily be a BJP supporter but will vote for the saffron party just for 2014.

This kind of person is most likely to migrate to AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal who may seem even more different than Modi.

2. Liberalization dude: He loves the changes that liberalization has brought in India and is a champion of the free market. He most probably is a middle class person living in a city and has great aspirations with regard to things like upgrading his house and car. He can’t even imagine pre-1991 India.

That way he likes Modi because the latter keeps talking of development and governance. The Gujarat CM generally seems to be a pro-industry guy who should be good for India’s economy. He believes that the current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh did not take forward the reforms of Narasimha Rao-AB Vajpayee.

If you follow Modi’s talks then you will notice that he talks very little of caste and religion but speaks mostly of the kind of things that appeal to this guy.

3. Anti-communist: He is just sick and tired of the Left leaning establishment which have coloured all our textbooks in red and our mainstream media which shows a clear Left bias. He hates all the jhollawallah NGOs, separatists and Naxals.

He wants a clean break from all this and realizes that not only is Modi the ideological opposite of the Left establishment, but also that the Gujarat Chief Minister has the guts and resolve to take on the entire communist lobby and make it irrelevant, unlike what another Right leaning PM in the form of Vajpayee did not do.

There is absolutely no danger of this kind of person migrating to the AAP camp!

4. Oratory fan: This dude doesn’t get much into ideology or policy or the finer details of governance. He just likes listening to Modi and is impressed by his oratory skills. There is no doubt that Modi may well be the most popular and charismatic speaker since the days of Indira Gandhi.

Modi’s job is made much much easier by the absolute boring and lacklustre oratorical skills of Congress President Sonia Gandhi
and Manmohan. Even Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi began his speeches in earnest but has fallen flat.

He is the reason that Modi gets lakhs of listeners no matter which part of the country he tours. He is present in both urban and rural centres and comes from all cross sections of society.

5. Hardliner: This person believes that Modi gave a free hand to rioters in Godhra and is proud of it. He is a hardliner and thinks that a dictator would actually be good for India. He may have been called a Hindu supremacist, a male chauvinistic pig or a Fascist some time in his life.

He abhors gays and likely supports Section 377. He is most likely a Twitter troll and proud of it too!

He is in fact quite disappointed that Modi does so little of minority bashing and talks too much of development and governance. He is sacred that it is the only thing that Modi will do if he comes to power.

Post script…
The Modi haters and baiters have hijacked the debate and totally ignore Categories 1-4 of Modi supporters who may have been a minority in 2002, but are a majority in 2014. They will tell you that Modi followers are nothing but the Category 5 type.

They will also tell you that the only other category of Modi supporters are those who have been fooled by his PR skills and the BJP PM candidate is a man of no substance while Gujarat has shown no extra development under his reign.

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