Tied-up Atlanta woman uses toes to type message for help

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 04, 2010 10:40 hrs

A US woman had to call for help by typing on the laptop with her toes after a burglar tied up her hands with the bed.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that police were alerted about the incident after they received a call from the boyfriend of the 39-year-old victim, Amy Windom.

They said that the armed robbery took place at about midnight in the US city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Police got a call from Windom's boyfriend John Hilton at about 5:30am local time. Hilton said she had contacted him to say she had been tied to her bed since midnight.

Atlanta police Captain Van Hobbs said that the police found the victim tied to the bed when they arrived at her house and she explained the intruder had been wearing a ski mask and was armed with a gun.

"Her laptop was on her bed with her and she was able to use her toes to type a message to her boyfriend and let him know what had happened," News.com.au quoted Hobbs as saying.

"She picked up the bag, she opened the computer, and she did control-alt-delete to unlock the computer, which is tough. All of it was done with her feet, because her hands were tied to the bed," he added.

"I email her every morning before I go to work. I saw her on an instant messenger, and she 'pinged' me first and her first word was, 'HELP. CALL 911.' It was all caps."

Windom said she used her big toe as a mouse, and grabbed hold of the laptop's power cord between the toes on her other foot since her big toe was too big to hit individual keys. (ANI)