Timeline of Jessica Lal case

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Last Updated: Wed, May 22nd, 2013, 16:43:01hrs
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30 April 1999: Jessica Lal, model and celebrity barmaid at socialite Bina Ramani's restaurant, Tamarind Court was shot dead at around 2 am at a crowded party. The shooter Manu Sharma, son of Congress leader Binod Sharma, shot Jessica at point blank range when she refused to serve him alcohol.

2 May 2 1999: Delhi Police recovers Tata Safari car belonging to Manu Sharma,

4 May 1999: Manu Sharma's accomplice Alok Khanna present with Sharma when the shooting occurred is arrested. 

6 May 1999:  Manu Sharma surrenders. Manu Sharma's accomplice Vikas Yadav present with Sharma when the shooting occurred is arrested. 

8 May 1999: Amit Jhigan, another accomplice is charged with conspiring to destroy evidence. Bina Ramani, along with husband daughter Malini are arrested and later bailed out for serving liquor without a license.

3 August 1999: Sharma is charged with murder, destruction of evidence and other offences. Khanna and Yadav faced lesser charges, including destruction of evidence, conspiracy and harbouring a suspect. 

January 31 2000: Magistrate court commits the case to a Sessions court for trial.

November 23 2000: Sessions court frames charges for murder against nine persons and discharges one accused Amit Jhingan while declaring Ravinder Sudan alias Titu as proclaimed offender.

2 May 2001: Court starts recording of prosecution evidence. Deepak Bhojwani, an eye-witness deposes before the trial court.

3 May 2001: Complainant and eyewitness Shyan Munshi turns hostile, fails to identify Manu in court.

5 May 2001: Another eyewitness Shiv Das, an electrician at Qutub Colonnade, turns hostile.

16 May 2001: Third key witness Karan Rajput turns hostile.

6 July 2001: Malini Ramani, eyewitness, identifies Manu.

12 October 2001: Socialite Bina Ramani, owner of the restaurant and bar physically identifies Manu. She said she had tried to stop him from fleeing the crime scene. 

17 October 2001: George Mailhot, Ramani's Canadian husband, deposes and identifies Manu.

20 July 2004: Surinder Sharma, controversial investigating officer in the case, deposes after returning from UN assignment in Kosovo.

21 February 2006: Manu Sharma and a number of others are acquitted due to lack of evidence against them. This led to a huge public outcry.

13 March 2006: The Delhi Police files an appeal in Delhi High Court.

3 October 2006: Delhi HC begins hearing on the appeal on a day-to-day basis. Manu ropes in noted criminal lawyer Ram Jethmalani. 

3 November 2006: Ram Jethmalani seeks transfer of case.

29 November 2006: The high court reserves its order.

18 December 2006: High court convicts Manu, Vikas Yadav and Amardeep Singh Gill alias Tony and acquits Aloke Khanna, Vikas Gill, Harvinder Singh Chopra, Raja Chopra, Shyam Sunder Sharma and Yograj Singh.

20 December 2006: Manu Sharma found guilty of having murdered Lal and sentenced to life imprisonment with a fine of Rs.50,000. Two other accused Amardeep Singh Gill and Vikas Yadav given four-year jail term. 

2 February 2007: Manu Sharma files an appeal in the apex court challenging the Delhi HC's judgement and seeks the reversal of the order.

11 April 2008: The Supreme Court commences hearing on the bail petition of Manu Sharma.

18 February 2010: SC bench reserves its order in the case.
19 April 2010: Supreme Court upholds the high court judgement; retains life term to Manu Sharma.

20 August 2010: SC dismisses Manu's plea against lifer. "There is no merit in the plea," a bench comprising Justices P Sathasivam and Swatanter Kumar said refusing to interfere with its April 19 verdict in which it had said that Sharma's guilt was proved beyond reasonable doubt.

18 February 2011: Counsel denies Munshi turned hostile. Bollywood actor Shayan Munshi pleaded before the Delhi high court not to prosecute him on charges of perjury for turning hostile in his deposition during trial.  

16 November 2011: Manu Sharma gets parole for brother's wedding. The Delhi High Court granted five days parole to Sharma on the condition that he will not visit night clubs or discotheques during the period.

22 May 2013: Sayan Munshi and Prem Sagar Manocha who had turned hostile in the Jessica Lal case will face trial for perjury. 17 other witnesses will be discharged. 
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