Tips to Ace Competitive Exams

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Last Updated: Mon, May 17th, 2021, 12:33:54hrs
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Competitive exams in India involve fierce competition and a minuscule success rate. Aspirants need a winning strategy to get ahead of thousands (sometimes lakhs) of competitors in addition to long arduous hours of study. As every learner is different, there is no common formula to ace competitive exams. However, you can use some tried-and- tested methods to tap into your true potential and help you ace the examination. Read on for some actionable tips.

Prepare a study timetable

A study timetable is a must for acing any kind of examination. It prepares you by conditioning the brain to form a routine, thereby increasing productivity and reducing stress. A timetable that complements your learning pattern and style is the most effective. Your timetable should include time for classes, mock tests, etc. Other than these it should also give you time to rejuvenate. While you must follow the schedule religiously, also leave some scope for flexibility since unexpected events may occur.

OK4R reading method

Dr Walter Pauk’s OK4R method has been scientifically proven to improve comprehension skills amongst learners. This process involves six steps.

The Overview step consists of reading the titles, heading, introduction and conclusion paragraphs in the reading material. This gives learners an outline of the topic.

In Key ideas, learners go through the text again and note significant ideas. These ideas could be in the form of phrases, captions, infographics, bullets, etc.

For Reading, learners read the whole text actively and repeatedly until they thoroughly understand the concepts.

During Recall, they recollect the information learnt without referencing the text.

Using Reflect, they understand the significance of the text and relate it to prior knowledge.

In Review, they go through the text material once again to refresh their memories. Lastly, they appear for a short test to solidify their retention.

Use e-learning platforms

One of the best ways to prepare for a competitive exam is to use an online platform like Unacademy that will help you streamline your preparation process. Here, you get unlimited access to live and recorded sessions, gamified tests that track your progress vis-à-vis your peers, personal guidance from top educators and customized study plans to track your progress. If you have any doubts related to a concept, you get proper guidance from teachers.

Exercise and a healthy diet

Students need to follow a proper diet and exercise as it significantly affects mood and energy levels. A healthy diet contributes to increased brain activity and improved mental health. Regular physical activity has a positive impact on thinking and learning abilities. It also reduces symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. The World Health Organisation recommends about 75 to 150 minutes of weekly exercise to maintain a healthy mind and body.


There is no doubt that clearing competitive exams is tough. However, dedication and persistence go a long way in achieving exam goals. Students should take all the help they need, whether it involves extra time with teachers for doubt solving or structured courses on learning platforms like Unacademy. We hope these tips help you cross over to the winning side!

Mithilesh Singh is a digital marketing consultant, blogger and founder of Tech Preview. He loves to assist freelancers, start ups and small businesses to use their website and products to drive more leads, traffic and sales for enhanced revenue and growth.

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