'Trump a poster boy for racists'

Last Updated: Tue, Jun 18, 2019 09:32 hrs
Donald Trump

London: London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called Donald Trump a "poster boy for racists" after the US president hit out at him over London's knife crime.

Trump retweeted a post from right-wing commentator Katie Hopkins blaming the violence on "Khan's Londonistan".

Her comments came after four people were killed in a spate of shootings and stabbings in London over three days.

Britain's Foreign Secretary and Tory leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt said he "150 per cent agreed" with Trump.

Speaking in central London on Monday, Khan said: "It's remarkable that you've got the president of the USA amplifying the tweets of a far-right activist, amplifying a racist tweet.

"That's one of my concerns about Donald Trump - he's now seen as a poster boy for racists around the world, whether you're a racist in this country, whether you're a racist in Hungary, a racist in Italy, or a racist in France."

The original post by Hopkins called the capital "Stab-City", alongside screenshots of BBC News articles detailing the violence.

But a number of people pointed out the much higher homicide rates in US cities.