Udaipur: 65 per cent miniature artists in hunt for alternate profession

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 29, 2018 07:56 hrs

[India], Nov 29 (ANI): Despite having a rich heritage of art, culture and tradition, 65 per cent miniature artists of Udaipur have left their profession as they don't see any future in it anymore.

This includes artists who have given more than 30 years of their life to this profession. Even they are now opting for a different profession to earn their bread and butter.

Differently-abled Narendra Singh, who works in the art gallery, said he was facing huge financial crisis. He said, he had been trying to get a job in government schools as painting teacher but failed.

Another artist, Minakshi Sharma Kaur said, "I don't think that there is any future in this profession anymore. I would not even recommend passing this profession to the younger generations."

The reason behind this is the decrease in demand of the miniature paintings.

Mahindra Singh, the owner of a miniature painting gallery, said, "The talent is fading day by day. Not many paintings have been sold and due to this, the efforts of the painters are being wasted. This is for the first time that high tax is being added in the painting industry. Not just in Udaipur, due to the fewer opportunities and low income, this profession is slowly dying in the entire state of Rajasthan." (ANI)