UFO spotted hovering over rooftops in Rotherham

Last Updated: Mon, Oct 25, 2010 11:40 hrs

A UFO was spotted hovering over rooftops in Rotherham, England.

It looked like an object that had been spotted over Belgium in 1990, which had spooked authorities into sending F-16 fighter jets to intercept it.

"It moved really slowly but occasionally it'd shudder. It was completely silent," the Sun quoted Nayab Ahmed, 19, whose pal Anny Cummings, 18, took the snap, as saying.

Another witness said: "I don't believe in aliens, but what else could it be?"

Nick Pope, ex-head of the Ministry of Defence's UFO unit, added: "Some might suspect secret prototype aircraft and drones, but we test such craft in restricted military areas, not built-up places." (ANI)