UK Police fear being called racist, freeing illegal immigrants

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 04, 2010 10:40 hrs

At least thousands of illegal immigrants are set free routinely instead of deported by the police, as they fear they will be termed racists if they question a suspect's nationality.

"Failure to carry out checks on those in custody is adding to the numbers of migrants being allowed back on Britain's streets when they should be kicked out, a study has revealed," reports UK is a fear among the police that they will be branded racist for asking too many questions.

It has been found in a report for the Home Office that more precise practices in custody suites, and increased co-operation between police and the UK Border Agency, could notably augment the number of deportations.

The number of illegal migrants identified rose from 73 to 250 across the four pilot sites in the three-month study in 2006-07, as the number of checks carried out increased five-fold.

The Home Office is, however, adamant that improvements had been made since the research, with new crackdowns and a commitment to speed up removals. (ANI)