US restaurant sells handbags made from cows customers have just eaten

Last Updated: Fri, Feb 11, 2011 10:40 hrs

A restaurant in America is offering its customers the chance to buy leather handbags made from the skin of the cow that they have just eaten.

According to the New York Post, designer Kate Huling, 32, had come up with the idea, as a way to try and get diners to "honour the animal".

"Look at how quickly you can eat a burger, and that animal sacrifice for you is just gone," the Daily Mail quoted Huling, whose husband, Andrew Tarlow, runs Marlow and Sons in Brooklyn, New York, as saying.

"Whereas with the bag, that's something that can last for generations and generations.

"We're interested in people having another opportunity to really honour the animal," she stated.

The leather goods are crafted from the same locally sourced, grass-fed cows and pigs, and while the meat is delivered to restaurants or sold in the butcher shops, the skin is sent to a tannery.

Designers then turn the skin into leather goods at Midtown's Fashion District before they arrive in the restaurant.

"We're really interested in people coming and eating here, and being a part of the whole process," Huling added. (ANI)