Various colours of Japanese culture providing an enriching experience to tourists

Last Updated: Wed, Jun 05, 2019 11:51 hrs

[Japan], Jun 4 (ANI): Green tea, anime, and sushi are the most popular things about Japan among foreigners. Tourists from across the globe can experience these things in Shizuoka prefecture.

A programme on MCOT TV, Thailand, titled 'Japan Discovery 2Gens Venture in Japan' is focused on this. Shizuoka has a variety of attractions, including nature and traditional culture.

The scenery of many TV anime shows is inspired by the prefecture. In fact, a well-loved and popular shoju manga series, Chibi Maruko-Chan, is set in the former city of Shimizu, which is a part of Shizuoka City now. The author of the famous Manga was born in Shizuoka.

Sushi vendors are seen at old-style places which bring out the beauty of the Edo era. Sushi culture and history can be relived in Shizuoka, with its various kinds of fishes and old fishing methods.

"I hope that through the culture of sushi cultivated in Japan, a mutual exchange between Japanese and foreign tourists will be established," said Michiru Tsuboi, an official at the S-Pulse Dream Plaza.

Foreigners can also witness the famous tea culture of Japan in the prefecture, which is one of the most famous green tea producing areas in the country.

TV reporters wear old style clothes for hand-picking green tea leaves. By visiting the green tea production plant, reporters learn the difference in tea tastes depending on the process of roasting.

"I think it is delicious when you're teaching me about tea for the first time and drinking tea. And I want to tell the audience about the tea and how I feel," said a reporter named Pat Chonpantarak.

"About green tea in Shizuoka, everyone can drink the first tea, second tea, and third tea in autumn. I hope foreigners enjoy drinking Japanese tea slowly and enjoy the deep taste and relax," Kazunori Ueyama from the Harada Tea Processing stated.

Japan is not only famous for its tourist spots, but also for its culture and lifestyle. Tourists learn and absorb more about the Japanese way of life by experiencing it. (ANI)