Virtual mob takes on Chetan Bhagat on Twitter

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Last Updated: Mon, Dec 7th, 2009, 20:36:04hrs
Virtual mob takes on Chetan Bhagat on Twitter
Piracy hurts. Writer Chetan Bhagat didn't know how badly it would hit him, until he tweeted about it Monday.

"Almost anyone who is reading my pirated books can afford the original. It hurts me a lot personally. Just sharing."

Writer Ashok Banker was quick to retort:  I challenge you to publish your next book at the price of Rs 400 and let's see how many readers buy it w/o pirating it!

A few Tweeple protested, claiming in India, piracy is a function of people not having access or enough money to buy books -- A journalist amongst them cited the example of students preparing for CAT/engineering exams photocopying text books that are way too expensive.

That wasn't something the author of  books like Five Point Someone and Two States would take lying down. "One more defense of illegal stuff and will block u, ok,"  he 'threatened' the journalist. And went on to confront another: "Buddy, one more smart one and u r blocked. ok?"

2 States: Hum, Tum & the families

Not the wisest of moves on Twitter, it turned out. In minutes, Twitterverse was abuzz with a new trending topic:  #chetanblocks!

The day is proving to be extremely painful to Chetan Bhagat as there's now a virtual mob hacking at the author's Twitter account -- Some called it the Fourth Mistake of His Life.

Some of the funnier entries:

@harshni Kurt cobain was a rock star, chetan bagat a "block"star

@bigfatphoenix Why can't anyone be in Chetan Bhagat's good books? Because there aren't any.

@raoabhijeet Is #Chetanblocks the next LEGO?

@peejaygeorge Trying to keep up with the trend, CPI(M) appoints Chetan Bhagat as Block Development Officer

@srikanthv2 Why doesn't Chetan Bhagat live in a bungalow? A: He prefers apartment blocks.

Note: Chetan Bhagat's Twitter account ( is not a verified account yet.