Vyapam: Murder is a joke in India!

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Last Updated: Tue, Jul 7th, 2015, 17:48:10hrs
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Vyapam: Murder is a joke in India!
In any other country if people started dying mysteriously in a particular scam or political party, then alarm bells would start ringing and the media would go crazy.

What is the Vyapam Scam?

But the way #LalitGate the frenzy took place, it was difficult to expect a similar #VyapamGate.

Madhya Pradesh’s Vyapam is a scam which may have started in the last century and may have continued in the tenure of Congressman Digvijay Singh. The first FIR was filed in 2000. It became a major issue at the beginning of UPA1 but was totally overshadowed by 2G, Coalgate and the endless procession of scams that followed.

However people have been dying regularly since 2009 a fact that was largely ignored by the mainstream media.

It was only the social media frenzy in June-July 2015 that made Vyapam a burning issue. As usual, SM leads and MSM follows.

How many people have died related to the Vyapam scam? That’s a very difficult question to answer because only when all the deaths are investigated will we know the truth. The lower number being bandied about is 24.

The popular figure in social media is 45 while there are many who claim that the suspicious deaths that can at least be investigated are 100+! Forget the higher figure, even the lower figure should have set the alarm bells ringing.

Interestingly the deaths haven’t stopped even after it was taken up on a national level. From July 4-6 a journalist, medical dean, trainee sub-inspector and constable have died! While these deaths (some or all) are still being called unrelated by many, the number of co-incidences is piling as high as a mountain.

But the scary part is this is not an isolated event. There are too many unsolved deaths in India. DMK leader and former minister A Raja aide Sadiq Batcha committed suicide in the 2G case.

The name of Sunanda Pushkar (the late wife of former Congress minister Shashi Tharoor) came in the IPL scam and she died mysteriously.

A former DGP committed suicide and a Trinamool MP attempted suicide in the Saradha scam.

There were 6 deaths related to National Rural Health Mission scam in Uttar Pradesh.

That’s the case with so many scams and no-one really keeps track or investigates all of that thoroughly. The number of RTI activists and whistle blowers who die is also quite high.

While all this is sensational you may understand why farmer suicides do not get that much attention or investigation by the media which considers it routine.

Even a sensational murder case like that of Arushi in Noida is mired in total confusion despite being investigated in great detail with the entire nation and media looking in.

Homi J Bhaba, the father of India’s nuclear programme, died mysteriously in a plane crash. There are many conspiracy theories with CIA involvement being one of them.

Nearly 50 years later nothing seems to have changed and India’s nuclear scientists are dying mysteriously well into the 2010s.

But then when we are clueless about the mysterious deaths at the very top, then what justice can common citizens involved in scams expect?

Where did Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose disappear to in 1945 and how and when did he die? Nobody still knows.

Bharatiya Jana Sangha (which eventually became the BJP) founder and a minister in Jawaharlal Nehru’s
cabinet Syama Prasad Mukherjee got a penicillin injection in custody even though he was allergic to it.

Was it an assassination? Nobody will ever know.

Dynamic BJS leader Deendayal Upadhyaya was found dead in a train. Who killed him? Nobody knows and probably not many people care because they haven’t heard of him. Had he lived he was a possible Prime Ministerial candidate.

How did former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri really die in Tashkent? Nobody still has the foggiest idea.

Was there any foul play in the deaths of Congress leaders Rajesh Pilot and Madhavrao Scindia? Who can say with certainty?

The truth is that murder has become a joke in India and anyone from top to bottom can be done away with without anyone investigating and without anyone knowing why.

The number of high profile murderers who have got away totally free and probably led long and happy lives is too high.

The Vyapam deaths have led to a slew of jokes on Twitter. That reflects the reality of murder in India today.

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