What's your problem, Digvijay Singh?

Last Updated: Tue, Oct 18, 2011 13:21 hrs

Of late, Digvijay Singh has emerged as the conscience keeper of the nation, or at least of the Congress party. He says what he wants, when he wants and how he wants.

The Congress high commands obviously approves, for it keeps totally quiet. Silence is acceptance.

Digvijay loves throwing verbal stones at all and sundry. In one of the gospels it is said that when a group of people wanted to stone a woman for adultery, Jesus said, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her."

It is interesting to look at the life of the man who loves throwing verbal stones.

A life of many charges…

Digvijay has routinely been involved with some court case or the other in his life.

In the highly sensitive Jhabua nuns rape case of 1998, Digvijay shot off his mouth saying that Hindu organisations were involved despite half the accused not being Hindus. A civil defamation suit was filed against him and a warrant issued. Digvijay was let off the hook when he made a personal appearance in court and furnished a surety bond.

You may have heard of the infamous 1990s Hawala diaries that had the initials of prominent politicians of India. LK Advani declined to contest the next Lok Sabha polls till his name was cleared.

Well, a similar thing happened in Bhopal in 2001. Income tax officials raided a distillery and found a diary belonging to the liquor baron there. It had several prominent namesagainst which were detailed money paid in bribes.

Digvijay, who was Madhya Pradesh CM at that time, featured in the diary. There was also the name of an Additional DGP, whom Digvijay promptly made the Director-General of State Police. When cornered and asked for an explanation, he had his stock reply: BJP conspiracy. Opposition demands for his resignation were brushed aside.

Lokpal and Lokayuktas are the flavour of the season. Manmohan Singh, BS Yedyurappa and Narendra Modi all have their individual problems against the ombudsmen.

In 2004, the Madhya Pradesh Lokayukta registered a case against Digvijay in a land scam.

During the 2009 elections, a case was registered against Digvijay for violation of the model code of conduct. At that time he was speaking against UP CM Mayawati at an election rally.

He was also named in a FIR the same year in connection with the Indore Treasure Island mallscam.

Of course, in India, you are innocent till proved guilty, so Digvijay is still quite innocent.

An RSS here there and everywhere…

Why does Digvijay hate the RSS so much?

Interestingly, he once revealed that BJP leaders Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia and Kushabhau Thakre tried to get him to join the Jana Sangh (the predecessor to the BJP) in 1970.

Also, did you know that his brother Laxman Singh was a BJP candidate in the 2009 elections?

But no matter what happens, Digvijay is always keen to bring the RSS conspiracy angle into anything and everything.

Even Anna Hazare wasn't spared and called an RSS agent. The genesis of the August Anna Kranti may lie with Digvijay. He had promised the "Ramdev Baba treatment" for Anna if he fasted in June itself!

Anti-terrorist squad head Hemant Karkare was shot dead in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. The UPA government awarded him with the Ashoka Chakra, the highest gallantry award that any civilian can get.

Digvijay managed to complicate even that by saying that Karkare called him hours before his death claiming threats from right-wing groups. A petition was filed in a Mumbai court against those remarks.

The WikiLeaks cables called it "crass political opportunism". Digvijay's response? The cables were doctored by the BJP! Only India doubts the authenticity of the WikiLeaks cables. Other world leaders are just plain furious that they were leaked in the first place.

He once compared the RSS with Nazis.

Interestingly, the Israeli embassy protested that saying, "Without entering the political debate, no comparison can be made with the Nazi Holocaust in which six million Jews were massacred solely because they were Jewish."

In fact if there is anyone in India who can come close to the Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, then it has to be Digvijay.

Digvijay also doesn't fall shy of calling the RSS and Bajrang Dal as terrorists. But how does he treat the world's biggest terrorist in the form of Osama bin Laden?

He demanded a proper burial for "Osama ji"!

Digvijay's golden rule…

The golden rule is: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Now when Digvijay keeps speaking so much all the time, there is bound to be a reaction and people will speak back at him.

Upset at remarks against him, Digvijay recently lodged a four-page FIR against—wait for it!—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Orkut, MSN.com, many other websites and many other people for causing "severe damage to his goodwill and reputation besides inflicting acute mental pain and agony on him, his family, friends and colleagues".

Digvijay's golden rule appears to be: I'll say anything I want against anyone, but if you dare say anything against me, I want you thrown into jail!

Digvijay is a citizen of India and has every right to say whatever he wants.

The Congress can appoint anyone as a spokesperson no matter how much he irritates us.

But the larger question is:Why do we listen to people like Digvijay Singh in the first place?

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