Why is Modi, media going soft on the Dynasty?

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Last Updated: Fri, Jul 10th, 2015, 15:55:04hrs
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Why is Modi, media going soft on the Dynasty?
In 2012 the website Business Insider claimed that Congress President Sonia Gandhi was a dollar billionaire and one of the richest politicians in the world. In the last few years this  article has been repeated and updated without any counters.

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy alleged that Sonia was involved in the National Herald scam and even got the case into the courts. He also claimed that Sonia’s sisters were involved in the 2G scam.

In Choppergate Sonia’s name came up in Italian courts where a lawyer quoted her aide  Ahmed Patel. Then recently we had the #LalitGate #ArnabGate fiasco where former IPL head honcho Lalit Modi brought in Sonia’s name over bribery charges.

As expectedly the media dropped the whole case like a hot potato though Twitter did trend  #ItalianChachi420 with a vengeance.

All this is enough to at least have a high profile inquiry. Now the media is petrified of Sonia  and it was impossible to expect former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to even look into the issue.

However current Prime Minister Narendra Modi also seems to be turning a blind eye to Sonia. There has been no apparent enquiry against Sonia in the last one year. Even the National Herald scam keeps getting postponed with alarming regularity in court.

When the BJP was in the Opposition, it helped the Congress pass key legislation in Parliament. However the Congress is in no mood to return the favour as the Rajya Sabha seems to be a big stumbling block for the BJP.

The first BJP Prime Minister AB Vajpayee was accused of going soft on Sonia and her family. So far Modi has proved to be no different. Rahul’s case is also there in the National Herald scam.

Then there’s the case of Priyanka Vadra. A report appeared that she had been allotted a Lutyens’ bungalow—under which provision? Also is the issue of her large SPG cover. Why does she require it?

Do the all the children of PV Narasimha, HD Deve Gowda, IK Gujral and Manmohan have SPG cover? What’s so special about Priyanka? There was also the report of her having multiple DINs, which is illegal.

What happened to that case? Will Finance Minister Arun Jaitley answer? Then there’s the case of Robert Vadra. Enough reports have come of all his land dealings and links with DLF. It was even revealed that the DLF owner’s son-in-law and the dynasty met Lalit Modi in London.

Gurgaon (DLF’s base) is in Haryana which is under the BJP as is Rajasthan where more of his land deals are under the scanner. With the Centre also being ruled by the BJP, Modi has absolutely no excuses over the Vadra enquiries.

Then there’s the case of Manmohan himself. Enough officials have gone on record that the PMO’s files were vetted by Sonia at her office/residence (which is illegal) and also too many questions have come up over his role in Coalgate and 2G.

And yet absolutely no action is being taken against any of them. Sonia is attacking Modi at will; Rahul is doing the same despite his frequent vacations and Manmohan takes the occasional pot shot too.

As for Vadra, he’s taken to Facebook to blast the Modi regime. All this is making Modi look quite weak and meek. In 1977, the Janata Party went after former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and jailed her without making a proper case. The courts threw her arrest out of the window. That was bad.

But right now Modi seems to be unwilling to even look into allegations against the dynasty. That’s worse. The whole media and top politicians are petrified of Sonia and the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

In the past only two politicians have been bold enough to attack them consistently—One is Swamy and the other is Modi. While Swamy has backed his threats with action (the National Herald case is one such example), Modi is yet to do anything concrete.

Vyapam was a scam that was created in the Congress regime and the thousand plus people  were at least arrested under the Shivraj Singh Chouhan regime. While there are a lot of allegations floating around in #ArnabGate, no concrete scam has been proved.

That may not hit Modi that much. However his absolute refusal to go after the dynasty and  their loyalists will hit him really hard in the long run.

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