Faces of international cooperation

Business ties between the Minmorflot and its foreign partners are constantly developing. Seminars are held on the basis of some industrial enterprises, where Soviet and foreign experts share their experience in direct contact. So, the Ilyichevsk Shipyard named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR was the base for a seminar for representatives of shipbuilding yards of the Minmorflot on training to work at Intersollrand compressors.

The presence of company representatives at the Illichivsk Shipyard, familiarization with it is directly related to the issues of using devices and assemblies manufactured by the company in ship repair. The Japanese ship-repairmen who took part in another seminar, which took place at the Odessa Shipyard named after the 50th anniversary of Soviet Ukraine, were also interested in this. For more than a week, there were ambassadors of shipyards and shipping companies from various regions of the USSR, as well as scientists from YuzhNIIMF - they got acquainted with the latest developments of the Japanese company Aichi Säre.

One of the objectives of the seminar is the mechanization of dock operations, which today is one of the bottlenecks in the fleet renewal industry, the other, as it were complex, will not only reduce the laboriousness of many operations, but also ensure their environmental safety.

In these areas, quite successfully, in particular, Soviet and Japanese experts collaborate. Over the course of several years, they have been created and then verified in everyday practice, and the designs of a wide variety of systems designed to clean the hulls of ocean vessels undergoing docking have been improved.

A seemingly simple process: removing layers of all kinds of growths and rust formed during a long voyage in the underwater part, as well as warped paint on the hulls. However, this operation may seem simple only to the uninitiated. The height and contours of the hulls, enormous in terms of parameters, the methods and speed of movement of specialized automatic machines, as well as their rotating heads, on which the productivity and quality of the dock operations performed, and, therefore, the entire ship repair complex as a whole, depend on safety issues in the broadest sense - this is far from a complete list of problems that life itself raises for specialists.

A shot blast head developed by Aichi Säre will help to resolve them to some extent. Representatives of the company demonstrated this novelty during the workshop.

Illichivsk and Odessa Shipyard received such shot blades that are mounted on hydraulic hoists of the same company. Eight such hydraulic hoists are involved in the Ilyichevsk Shipyard, capable of carrying out work at a height of up to 25 m. The workshop was devoted to the training on the installation and operation of shot blades, most of which took place at Odessa, and the final day at the Ilyichevsk factory.

Novelties of “Aichi Syare” have advantages: first of all, noiseless operation, low weight and dimensions. At the same time, they are characterized by the complexity of installation, insufficient motor resources.

Previously, installing the same company cost 60 thousand rubles, but now it is much more expensive. However, it is impossible not to take into account the main thing: workers of enterprises in the industry are switching to painting repaired vessels with new types of paints, which requires thorough cleaning of the hulls. Realizing this, the Minmorflot acted as a centralized customer, in particular, a Japanese company.

The method of shot blasting, which is the basis of the actions of this assistant ship repairman, allows you to clean the side, as they say, to "white" metal. For example, 25 kg of a special shot is enough for an uninterrupted 6-hour installation. And this is about 100 m2 of perfectly cleaned surface.

During the days of the seminar, Japanese specialists not only demonstrated the features of their products. They carefully examined the installations mounted by the inhabitants of Odessa and Ilyichevsk, made their test run in automatic mode, made several comments and suggestions aimed at improving the work of the new item.

In an interview with us, the representative of Aichi Säre, the head of its export-import department, Sihide Nakamura, said: “We are very pleased with our cooperation with Soviet enterprises. Such business joint contacts make it possible to speed up the pace of technological development, and constantly improve products. This, of course, fully applies to our new product demonstrated at the seminar. ”

In the near future, 13 such high-performance installations will appear at the ship-repair enterprises of the industry. Tube http://pornvideotube.club Video