Best Pregnancy Pillow - How To Choose The Right Model For You

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in the life of every woman. In addition to the joy of waiting, it is filled with several difficult moments - the load on the bones, joints and muscles at this time increases significantly. Therefore, it is extremely important for pregnant women to monitor the quality of their rest - this largely concerns the choice of bedding.

It is known that expectant mothers choose a comfortable position for sleeping is much harder. Changes in the body of a woman make you forget your usual sleeping postures and start looking again to find it more comfortable to sleep during pregnancy. Special pillows for pregnant women come to the rescue.

Pillow for pregnant women: types and features of choice

For the convenience of sleep and rest of pregnant women, as well as comfort when feeding a baby, pillows are used, created specifically for expectant mothers. What are the nuances to consider when choosing?

The choice of such a delicate and necessary accessories depends on many criteria. Initially, you need to decide on the shape of the pillow - you can name four of the most popular options:

C-shaped or banana pillow

The banana pillow for pregnant women perfectly supports your back or tummy during rest. You can throw your leg on it to reduce the pressure on the stomach. This option is suitable for lovers to sleep on their side, almost without tossing and turning. And for those who are completely satisfied with their orthopedic pillow, and need additional comfortable support for the abdomen and legs.

In the future, this is a convenient option to put under the back of the baby when feeding. In addition, it is quite compact, which allows you to take this accessory with you on a journey.

Maternity pillow U-shaped

The most common form for uniform support of the back and tummy. With the product in the form of a horseshoe will be especially convenient for those who toss and turn in a dream. The U-shaped pillow for pregnant women is surrounded by hugs from all sides, and it is not necessary to turn it over.

It is worth considering that for such a bedroom accessory it is required to allocate a sufficiently spacious place on the bed.

Maternity Pillow Letter G

Maternity pillow G-shaped cover the whole body. With such a pillow, it is comfortable to sleep in any positions, it relieves muscle tension well, creating support for the head, back, legs and stomach at the same time.

L-shaped pillow for pregnant

The simplified form of the previous version in the form of a roller with a curved part for the neck. This pillow is more compact and also conveniently relieves pressure on the future mother's tummy in a dream.

Pillow under the back

As future moms today lead an active lifestyle - work, drive a car - it is worth taking care of good back support when you have to sit for a long time. An excellent choice would be an ergonomic pillow under your back, which can be fixed on any seat - on a computer chair, chair, car seat.

The anatomical shape of such a pillow well covers the lower back in a sitting position. It will reduce fatigue of the muscles of the back, well maintaining it in a level position. In addition, it will be useful not only for expectant mothers.

Pillow for pregnant - what else to consider?

However, the shape of pillows for pregnant women - this is not all. It is also worth paying attention to the materials, because in the waiting period of the child, the body of the expectant mother is weakened, it is at this time that an unexpected allergy may appear.

Therefore, when buying a pillow, follow two rules:

  • filler for pillows for pregnant women should not squeak and all the more smell. Many people prefer natural fillers, but two types of synthetic materials are now more popular: holofiber and polystyrene foam. They are hypoallergenic, perfectly washable, sufficiently resilient and there are no ticks in them;
  • the pillowcase for a pillow for pregnant women is sewed from the natural breathing material. The best choice here is traditional cotton. The cover must be removable so that it can be washed;
  • suitable size. Choosing a pillow for pregnant women is a purely individual process. A suitable pillow size for pregnant women depends on the size and size of the woman, but also on the size of the bed.

How to sleep on a pillow for pregnant women?

When deciding how to choose the best pregnancy pillow , it is useful to immediately consider how to use a pillow for pregnant women. Choosing the most comfortable pillow during pregnancy, you need to determine which part of the body needs special support: neck, back, legs, stomach.

Usually, a pillow for sleeping is enclosed primarily under the problem area of a pregnant woman. The top edge supports the head and neck. The lower part is passed between the legs, removing pressure from the abdomen. Well, many people often wrap their arms around her during sleep. It turns out that most often sleep with such a pillow is in the embrace.

During daytime rest, the pillow is usually placed under the back of a pregnant woman, so that the spine and lower back receive the support necessary for unloading and relieving tension. Lying on your back, you can twist it and put it under your knees when rest is necessary for tired legs.

The gestation period is the time when the woman's body is constantly changing. And with such an accessory as a pillow specially designed to meet the needs of her position, every pregnant woman will be able to ensure the most comfortable rest for herself.

Pillow for pregnant women and feeding

Most of the pillows for pregnant women are conveniently used for feeding. They allow you to take the most comfortable position while breastfeeding the baby, supporting the mommy's back while lying down and holding the arm with the baby while the mother is nursing.

A pillow for pregnant women will be useful, and when the baby starts tossing and turns, this is an excellent barrier to keep the baby from falling off your bed.

Secrets of pillow selection

There are 3 main parameters, based on which you should choose the most comfortable pillow for you:

  • 1) your height, and individual characteristics and preferences for the height of the pillow
  • 2) bed size (bed width)
  • 3) your personal feelings.

1. U-Shaped. The most popular pillow for pregnant women is a form of a large horseshoe U pillow for a good sleep, recommended as support from two sides, providing complete relaxation and restful sleep. Since the most pleasant sensations come from the fact that the pillow envelops you from head to toe, giving relaxation and a sensation of flight, you need to choose the size so that you fit completely on the pillow.

One of the main advantages of the model is that the bends of the pillow support the abdomen, the back, and the head equally comfortably. There is also a place for the baby next to mom. The U pillow supports from both sides at once and gives an unforgettable feeling of comfort, relaxing the back muscles and supporting the growing tummy of the future mother, and in the future will facilitate the process of feeding the baby.

2. G-Shaped. Maternity Pillow G is an improved U pillow shape due to the additional rectangular shape that resembles your usual pillow. The rest of the pillow G wraps you on both sides, like the pillow U, but does not make it difficult to get out of the prone position, especially in the last months of pregnancy!

Pillow G resembles a bagel shape, but has the shape of a more refined shape. It is suitable for all expectant mothers, regardless of the gestational age, the holofiber filler balls help to fix your original body position with a pillow without causing discomfort. Such a pillow entirely helps to relax the muscles, remove the tone, allows you to take the correct position for normal blood flow and to avoid possible pinching of nerve endings to get rid of the load on your back or headaches.

The super G pregnant pillow will support a growing tummy and help relieve tension from the muscles of the body, you and your baby will feel protected. Pillow G can also be used after childbirth. Most often this occurs when feeding, when you need a certain way to fix the position of the body: to support the arm, chest or lower back.

3. Banana-Shaped. Pillow for pregnant women and feeding in the form of a banana, a boomerang or a crescent have long been loved by our female audience. Pillow for a pregnant banana has a curved shape and really irreplaceable helpers both during a comfortable sleep and rest, and in feeding the newborn baby.

A banana pillow for pregnant women as a hugging cushion up to its full height can be rotated as you please, a banana pillow or also a Boomerang pillow is very light and comfortable due to its small size. Often these pads take with you on a trip, because it does not take up much space, supports you, creating comfortable sensations and keeps your shape perfectly!

Remember: the best pillow for pregnant women is the one that will be convenient and useful for you. Choose the right pillow for your size and comfortable sleeping position. Reviews about pillows for pregnant women talk about a high degree of convenience of bananas, U-shaped and G-shaped products. And let pregnancy bring you more happiness than discomfort.