Walkthrough Mafia III - Drug Business No. 1

This is one of two bases in the French county of Ward, and you can begin to weaken it after completing the storyline mission “Kill Tony Deratio”, when you kill Tony in his apartment at The Royal Hotel. The main goal of the described mission is, of course, to destroy the enemy lieutenant, this time this is Doc Gaston. The base itself can be damaged in various ways, all of which were described below.

Important - Before taking responsibility for the destruction of this base, it is worthwhile to set up wiretapping in all boxes in the French Ward district. Be especially careful as one of the boxes is in the police station.

Meeting Big Jim McCormick

Detective Big Jim McCormick is in a warehouse near the water. Talk with him about possible ways to weaken Gaston's business.

Interrogate Pushers

The locations of the three pushers were marked on the district map, and to complete this mission you need to interview two of them (you can choose them according to your desire). This goal is by no means unique compared to the surveys you conducted previously. Reaching the goal, you can distract the pusher from the group, sneak up on him from behind or knock him down if he decides to escape. You can recruit or kill each informant after interrogation.

Shelter tracking

This goal opens after the interrogation of one of the pimps. This is rather unusual since it is not tied to any particular point on the map. When traveling around the French Ward area, you need to track the delivery of money for drugs. Vehicles that carry cash are red sports cars.

Watch the panel at the top of the screen - each inappropriate action will fill the scale.

Do not attack the enemy machine, as you will not weaken the enemy base in this way. Instead, you should keep track of the delivery to their shelter, where a large amount of money for drugs is stored.

Following the transports, you must make sure that you go unnoticed and do not intimidate the people of Gaston. Keep a safe distance from a hostile vehicle, but remember that other actions can also attract a lot of attention - do not crash into other cars or environmental elements, avoid collisions with pedestrians and try to limit situations in which someone will beep after Lincoln makes a dangerous maneuver on the road or quickly overtakes another car.

Once you get to the shelter, get out of the car. You can enter the place where the money is stored, or you can destroy all the closest enemies in direct battle. The theft of money for drugs will weaken the business by at least $ 10,000 (the mission is repeatable - you can find other red sports cars on the streets).

Important - Performing this task or other mission tasks, you can follow the boxes that you can destroy (for example, using a shotgun or Molotov cocktail). Each such action further weakens Gaston's business. download last tv shows from 720zone.online