Your Ultimate Guide To Using Skype Credit

Making calls across borders is just an app away. Skype, the most popular voice and video chat service provider, is all set to rule India.

While a lot of people among us are already using Skype, only of few of us realize the real deal that skype offers.

Though Skype is a free service for the most part, you need to top up Skype credit to make the best use of this wonderful application. Before you head to explore the skype recharge options, here?s your guide to understanding the usage of skype credit.

As Skype defines

"Skype Credit is a very convenient and easy way to pay for Skype features and services that are not free."

Make calls to mobiles and landlines

You can always make free calls to other skype users, but did you know that you can call any mobile or landline in the entire world through Skype? Yes, you can do that provided you have Skype load credit. Skype credit helps you make considerably cheaper international calls. Just top up your Skype credit and enjoy affordable calling. That friend who stays overseas wouldn?t complain ever. Bingo!

Send SMS to mobile phones

Sending international messages scares us because of the high rates. However, skype makes it extremely easy to send messages on mobile phones across the globe. You simply need a little skype credit and it?s as easy as pie to shoot messages. This is highly recommended for professional purposes.

Purchase Skype subscription

Like you have monthly plans on your postpaid SIMs, you can buy monthly plans for Skype in the form of Skype subscriptions as well. This is only helpful if you are or plan to become a heavy Skype user who makes a lot of calls and sends a lot of messages. Subscriptions help you save your Skype credit as they offer savings on standard Skype call and message rates.

Get a Skype number

This is a cool feature by Skype. You can buy a Skype number that lets you stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues on a budget. Skype numbers are like regular mobile numbers with the only difference being that your app has a number and not the SIM. From buying a professional number for office and getting an international number to having your friends and family call you when you are abroad or travelling, Skype numbers are highly useful. You can purchase a skype number with your Skype credit.

Connect to public WiFi hotspots around the world

It?s not just calling and texting that Skype helps with. Thanks to Skype credit, you can now log in to public WiFi hotspots around the world using Skype credit as a payment option. Isn?t that great!

" Note: Skype Credit does not support purchase of Skype products in Japan."

Now that you are well acquainted with the idea of Skype credit, why not choose your favorite top up plan and get skyping? Here?s your complete guide to buying Skype credit in India.