'43 affidavits in support of AICF Secy filed in Madras HC'

Source :IANS
Author :IANS
Last Updated: Fri, Jan 24th, 2020, 00:42:27hrs
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He said the rival camp led by President P.R. Venketrama Raja would like to delay the polls by filing additional cases.

The case in the Madras High Court is expected to be heard on Friday.

"A total of 43 affidavits have been filed with the Madras High Court saying that the minutes of the AICF general body meeting held in Bhopal on December 28, 2019 circulated by me is valid," Bharat Singh Chauhan, Secretary told IANS.

"We expect there will be clarity on the AICF election date on Friday," he added.

Chauhan added that the 43 affidavits were given by representatives of 19 state chess associations and six office bearers of the AICF.

He said one of decisions taken at the Bhopal general body meeting was the calling of a special general body meeting on February 9, 2020 in Ahmedabad to elect the new office bearers.

Chauhan said 61 persons attended the Bhopal meeting and out of that 43 have filed affidavits saying the minutes circulated by him were valid.

Claiming his support base is increasing Chauhan said as of date three more state chess associations have promised him support taking the total to 22 out of 33 state associations.

Chauhan said he expected more cases to be filed by the rival camp as they want to delay the polls.

"They are avoiding the central council meeting and the elections," he added.

As regards the presidential candidate from his camp, Chauhan said it will be Ajay H Patel, President of the Gujarat State Chess Association.

On his election plank Chauhan said he will make AICF more transparent and player friendly.

"The AICF will work closely with the players and the gap between the Federation and the players will be bridged. There will be healthy relationship with the players," Chauhan promised.

Chauhan is also meeting the various state chess associations personally to seek their support.

The AICF has split into two factions -- one led by President Raja and the other by Secretary Chauhan.

Curiously, the Raja camp at a general body meeting held in December 2019 had called a general body meeting to hold elections on February 10, 2020 in Chennai.


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