Arjen Robben announces return to football with his first club Groningen

Source :ANI
Author :ANI
Last Updated: Sun, Jun 28th, 2020, 12:02:25hrs
Former Bayern Munich and Netherlands striker Arjen Robben.

Groningen [Netherland], June 28 (ANI): Former Bayern Munich and Netherlands striker Arjen Robben has announced that he will return to football with his boyhood club Groningen.

"We're coming home during this difficult time of crisis, one that also hits FC Groningen. It's great to see how everyone is supporting the club, I've supported the club as well and it made me think about what else I could do for our club," Robben said in a video released on Groningen FC's official Twitter account on Saturday.

"These past weeks I've had many conversations with club staff and maybe more than anything I've listened to the call of our supporters: Arjen, follow your heart! I want to make my comeback as a football player, a player of FC Groningen. It started to itch and now it's my mission. I'm working on a comeback as a player, at FC," he added.
Robben retired in July 2019 after a career in which he won more than 30 club trophies. He bid adieu to his illustrious career, that took him from Groningen to PSV, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, last year. He won league titles in Netherlands, England and Spain before he settled down in Munich.
He went on to win eight Bundesliga titles and the Champions League crown with Bayern. He featured in over 500 matches for the club and his country in the entire career. (ANI)