Do I have to come up with a sad story to get recognised, asks gold medallist Arthi Arun

Last Updated: Mon, Jun 10, 2019 17:11 hrs

[India], May 6 (ANI): Asian Powerlifting Championship gold medallist Arthi Arun has expressed indignation over not being recognised in her own land for her achievements.

Arun, who is a dental surgeon by profession and a mother of two, said that every sport should be supported equally. "Is it necessary for me to come up with a sad story to be recognised," she told ANI.

"Every sport has to be treated equally. I represented India on an Asian platform. I stood there on the victory stand, holding the flag high. All the nations stood up and respected it. Why am I not given the same respect in my own land," Arun said.

"Do I have to come up with a sad story to be recognised? Just because I am a doctor and come from a different social background, do I not have the chance to be appreciated," she added.

She started the sport back in 2017 after she got motivated by looking at others doing powerlifting in the gym. Arun was also awarded the "Best lifter Runner up award" in the Asian Championship.

She is displeased with the fact that government has not awarded her or even supported her. Arun also stated that she had to spend Rs 1.5 lakh from her own savings to participate in the Asian Powerlifting Championship.

"I want recognition for that. I want appreciation for that. I want people to know who Arthi Arun is and want that equal support should be given to each game," she said.

Talking about her future plans, she said: "Now Commonwealth Powerlifting Championship is going to be held in Canada in September this year. It is held once in four years. I am not being funded for that and I have not got any support from the government or any private sector. Do I have to again spend from my pocket to participate in this competition." (ANI)