FIH appoints officials for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Last Updated: Wed, Sep 11, 2019 19:02 hrs

The 2020 Olympic hockey tournaments will be staged in Japan?s capital city from 25 July to 7 August next year.

Lausanne [Switzerland], Sept 11 (ANI): The International Hockey Federation (FIH) on Wednesday announced the list of officials appointed for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics tournaments.

In accordance with the agreed guidelines and processes of FIH, all appointed officials come from the FIH Pro League panels as these are the top-rated officials.
While performance was the primary selection criteria, the officials' committee also looked, as a secondary consideration, at the geographic spread of the officials to ensure that all continents are represented.
As a further demonstration of FIH's "Equally Amazing" policy, the technical officials will work across both genders' matches. While on-field umpires will be the same gender as the match, video umpires may be of the other gender as has been successfully implemented during the FIH Pro League this year.
Technical Delegates
Men's Competition: Deckenbrock Christian, Germany
Women's Competition: Standley Tammy, Australia
Umpires Managers
De Klerk Marelize, South Africa
Horgan Steve, United States of America
Schellekens Philip, Netherlands
Woolley Minka, Australia
Technical Officials

Bennett Sarah, Zimbabwe
Burt Josh, Australia
Catton Steve, Great Britain
Chan Alfred, Hong Kong
Chee Lilian, Singapore
Della Mattia Adrian, Argentina
Fuerst Elisabeth, Austria
Nazaret Magda, Poland
Nishizawa Eiichiro, Japan
Oti-Mensah Frank, Ghana
Richardson Reyah, Trinidad and Tobago
Tomlinson Jackie, New Zealand
Warris Rogier, Netherland
Zelkin Rene, United States of America
Umpires - Men's Panel
Blasch Christian, Germany
Goentgen Benjamin, Germany
Grochal Marcin, Poland
Kearns Adam, Australia
Lim Hong Zhen, Singapore
Madden Martin, Great Britain
Mejzlik Jakub, Czech Republic
Montes De Oca German, Argentina
Prasad Raghu, India
Shaikh Javed, India
Taylor Simon, New Zealand
Tomlinson David, New Zealand
Van BUNGE Coen, Netherlands
Wright Peter, South Africa
Umpires - Women's Panel
Church Amber, New Zealand
De La Fuente Carolina, Argentina
Delforge Laurine, Belgium
Giddens Maggie, United States of America
Hudson Kelly, New Zealand
Joubert Michelle, South Africa
Liu Xiaoying, China
Mcclean Ayanna, Trinidad and Tobago
Meister Michelle, Germany
Neumann Aleisha, Australia
Presenqui Irene, Argentina
Rostron Annelize, South Africa
Wilson Sarah, Great Britain
Yamada Emi, Japan
Medical Officers
Gordon Leigh, South Africa
Nayak Bibhu, India
Rolle Udo, Germany
The 2020 Olympic hockey tournaments will be staged in Japan's capital city from 25 July to 7 August next year. (ANI)