Gabriella Pasqualotto - the most famous cheerleader in India

Last Updated: Thu, May 12, 2011 12:20 hrs

What would the Indian Premier League do without the social networking sites? Last time a Twitter tweet brought to light one of the biggest scams of the cricketing world. The anonymous IPL blogger was also a major talking point.

This time the duo of blogs and Tweets strikes again.

First there was the not so secret blog by an IPL cheerleader. Gabriella Pasqualotto is already on her way to become another famous foreigner in India. It had to happen sooner or later. We are already into season four and how many cheerleaders can you name? Well now you know of at least one.

IPL cheerleader sacked for naming 'naughty' players

In case you haven't heard, then Gabriella's blog has given an insight into the night parties of cheerleaders and the "flirting" of various respected cricketers. From which body parts cricketers stare at to the passes made at them, it's all there on her blog.

She was immediately sent packing by the BCCI and Gabriella complained on her Twitter (where else?) account

@Iplgirl: My blog was meant to be light and witty and not taken seriously or to heart
 this should not have become such a scene

Of course Indian fans will be happy to note that she had only good things to say of the likes of MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar.

What's in a pitch anyway?

Then there was the Shane Warne Tweet (which was retweeted by @LalitKModi by the way!):

@warne888: I said - it's strange for the first time in 4 years we where told we are to play on end wicket and it was prepared completely differently !

That became the major talking point for news channels. What's in a pitch anyway? A lot it you ask all the commentators and analysts as it became the controversy of the day. In the end, the BCCI had to issue a clarification saying that it and not the IPL teams had a say in the matter.

Earlier a similar pitch slugfest had engulfed Sachin Tendulkar too.

RCA files complaint against Warne for verbal abuse

But what is with the Sawai Mansingh stadium? If the opposition (Mumbai Indians) scores 94, there's a furor. If the opposition scores 196 (Chennai Super Kings), there's a furor.

Perhaps the IPL should agree on a par score of 160 and guide pitch makers accordingly.

The IPL should also serve as a brand ambassador for Twitter with the amount of traffic it has brought in for the social networking site!

Indian leadership rocks

As we reach the climax of IPL 4, this time it is the Indian leadership which is doing quite well. Call it the World Cup effect.

Three of the top Indian teams have Indian captains: Mumbai Indians and Sachin, CSK and Dhoni, Kolkata Knight Riders and Gautam Gambhir. Interestingly, when Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Rajasthan Royals to jump to the Number 2 spot, Virat Kohli was at the helm, making it a clean sweep.

India has taken over from the Aussies in both Tests and ODIs. The first two IPL crowns went to Aussie captains too. But after Dhoni and IPL 3, even the current crown is most likely to be lifted by an Indian.

36 + 1

First class cricket, T20s and ODIs have all seen 36 runs in one over. So how can IPL be left behind? Chris Gayle did one better and smashed 37 runs in one over. Gayle's new phone number is 6644664 and Tillakaratne Dilshan promptly called for a chest guard for Gayle's partner in batting.

The hapless Kochi Tuskers Kerala bowler was Prashanth Parameswaran.

Also spare a thought for Dilshan. He smashed 20 runs in the previous over. It isn't very often that such an over gets overshadowed!

But in the process, Gayle has clearly emerged as the most valuable player of the tournament. It's not just the runs and how he got them: Close to 400 runs at an average of about 100 and strike rate of close to 200. Leaving Gayle, Sehwag has hit the most sixes, with 18 of them. And Gayle? A whopping 30! (Five in every match.)

IPL 2011

Now, it's very very rare to see Sehwag getting eclipsed like this.

It's also about the victories.

In the pre-Gayle era, RCB won a measly 1/5 matches. In the Gayle era, it's 6/6. Shock and awe and Gayle. It will be safe to say that a Gayle force has hit all the remaining teams of the IPL!

But of course, we are still waiting for six sixes in an over in IPLs!

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