I was so bad on my first AUS tour: Virat

Last Updated: Sat, Dec 08, 2018 09:11 hrs

Virat Kohli first toured Australia during the 2011-12 season and the start of the Test series for the then 23-year-old was anything but memorable. Failures in Melbourne and Sydney were soon followed by questions on his aggressive attitude.

As far as batting form was concerned, Kohli went on to break the duck and scored a half century in the third Test in Perth and followed that with his first Test century in the fourth Test in Adelaide. But, his attitude continued to be fiery and the hostile Australian crowd did not help matters.

Seven years on, Kohli, who is now leading the Indian team Down Under, has insisted he is a changed man now while conceding he didn't know where to draw the line on his first trip to Australia.

"The one thing is that I've always been myself, I've never tried to be someone else because of the opinion. Hence, I learn from my own mistakes, I realise my own mistakes myself and just kept correcting them through the journey.But (I'm) massively different from the last two tours, especially the first one, I was so bad. I didn't have a good understanding of where to draw the line and stuff like that. Those are things that I, I wouldn't say I regret, but those definitely I look at them as mistakes."

"But mistakes that were important for me to commit so I can learn from them. I was never a perfect mould of typical, old school cricketer, I always just wanted to find my own way and I guess those things were a part of that journey," the captain added.

Kohli also insisted in the lead up to the ongoing four-Test series that he doesn't feel the need to get into confrontations anymore.

"In the early stage of my career I used to think of these things as important milestones which are really important in one's career, but now the focus is purely and solely on making the team win at any cost. So ... I don't find the need to get involved in anything with the opposition and I think those are changes that keep happening gradually as you go forward."

Nonetheless, Kohli had insisted that India will not shy away from speaking a few words on the field against Australia and the visitors have so far remained true to their captain's words.