IPL 2020 rises above 'caste-colour' hate

Source :Sify
Last Updated: Wed, Oct 14th, 2020, 23:35:05hrs

It holds true for any sport but the IPL 2020 match between Delhi Capitals and Rajasthan Royals on Wednesday depicted a beautiful moment which proved that the game rises over any kind of hate - caste, creed, colour or culture - and leaves a feeling of oneness in everyone's heart.  

With the horrific killing of African-American man George Floyd an alarming statement was set all across the world with the Black Lives Matter movement and sports personalities showed solidarity towards it. West Indies legend Michael Holding was reduced to tears while sharing his story and said that he expects change even if it means at a snail's pace.  

While hatred in the name of caste is on the rise in the country there is something every human should understand and educate each other.  

Before we hate someone on the basis of their caste, creed or colour - we should remember that we all are humans first. There is more to that. Innocence is often a quality reflected in children and we lose it as we grow up. Do you realise why? It is due to the mediocre society we live in and the lessons we learn.  

We are taught first benchers are toppers and last benchers will never make it in life.  

We are introduced to a certain religion, which at times acts as a complete brainwash, and with that we develop hatred towards other humans and a feeling of being powerful or scared depending upon our caste.  

So much so that in schools children stop sharing tiffins with fellow students depending on their caste. And we continue to grow with this mindset. Forgetting that we are merely humans blessed to live in this beautiful planet called Earth, where we have cut down trees, taken the spaces which belongs to the flora and fauna for our greedy existence - leaving the biodiversity in tatters.  

Coming back to the match today, when Barbados-born English player Jofra Archer broke into Bihu dance with teammate Riyan Parag and others, it brought forward a moment of joy and oneness. The beautiful gesture from Archer displayed that the game continues to rise over any kind of hatred, and is the real winner. 

If John Lennon would have seen the moment, he might have said, "Imagine no hatred, the world celebrating like Parag-Archer....