IPL snippets: Lalit Modi needs a Twitter lesson

Last Updated: Mon, Mar 22, 2010 14:52 hrs

The Loser Will Later Win
IPL2 seemed to follow the Bob Dylan song: For the loser now will be later to win/For the times they are a-changin’. Deccan Chargers and Royal Challengers Bangalore were at the bottom of the table in IPL1 and became finalists in IPL2. Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians were at the bottom of the table in IPL2. Both began their campaigns with a win. Also, in the first two editions of the IPL, foreign captains lifted the trophy. What of Season 3? If just the beginning is anything to go by, then the omens are pretty good for the Indian captains. All three overseas captains (Shane Warne, Adam Gilchrist and Kumar Sangakkara) lost their opening matches.

Adding to the Ads
No matter how many ad breaks we have in cricket, you can still add an infinite amount more. That’s the lesson modern cricket seems to be teaching you. In the ODIs, 100 overs + 20 wickets + 10 drinks breaks/interruptions = 130 ad breaks. That was the norm for quite some time. Then they introduced partial ad breaks between balls by shrinking the size of the live screen and having an ad at the sides. IPL has bettered even that. It has started showing ads on the giant screen in the stadium in between balls. Next is what?

IPL will overshadow all other events

No T20 Speech This
In the opening ceremony, Lalit Modi just went on and on and on with his speech. Clearly his speechwriter isn’t imbued with the shortness and crispness of T20. At the end, he thanked his family and said he was not worthy of them. Was he accepting an Oscar? Maybe he should take a cue from his own Twitter account, where he has posted close to 1500 Tweets, all within the 140 character limit.

Getting on to Twitter
Talking of Twitter, you’ll find almost all the Indian cricketers on Twitter, or will you? A lot of them are fake accounts even though they have thousands of followers. Here are some verified accounts if you want to know what bigwigs are saying on IPL: www.twitter.com/ LalitKModi, iamsrk, warne888, realpreityzinta. Interestingly, Shahrukh Khan was found talking to LALITMODI, which probably is a fake account.

Fatigue or practice?
In the 2007 World Cup, India had hardly any T20 experience and still stormed through the tournament and won. We headed into the 2009 World Cup just months after IPL2 with a great deal more experience and crashed out pretty early. Many called it a case of fatigue. Some even said that IPL directly contributed to the humiliating loss. So what would you make of the circumstances this year? The IPL3 final is on April 25 and after that immediately the Indian team will make the long flight to the West Indies for the World Cup which begins on April 30. Too close for comfort?

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Australian Premier League?
While everyone knows that both winning captains were Aussies, not everyone spotted that, leaving the bowlers, all the other top honours were taken by the Aussies too. Both winning team coaches were Aussies (Shane Warne and Darren Lehmann). Both players of the series were Aussies (Shane Watson and Adam Gilchrist). Both Orange Cap winners were Aussies (Shaun Marsh and Matthew Hayden). The top four batting averages were held by Aussies. The top four batting scores were Aussies. Adam Gilchrist has the most runs as also the most sixes. Will the Aussie stranglehold be broken in IPL3? Don’t forget that five of the eight teams have Aussie coaches.

Getting on to YouTube
IPL3 has a first for cricket tournaments of any kind. Its very own channel on YouTube (www.youtube.com/ipl). It will be pretty handy for people away from their TV or country. There were starting glitches and you’ll require a huge bandwidth to watch, but it’s a good beginning nonetheless. On offer are slightly delayed live matches, match archives, highlights and Hawk-eye.