MS Dhoni mindset: A case study for success

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Last Updated: Mon, Aug 17th, 2020, 12:57:28hrs
MS Dhoni

Success is not instant, it takes plenty of time, patience, will power and never say die attitude to make it happen. And if the mindset is the key to success, MS Dhoni should be a case study for the Harvard and Cambridge.

We won't talk cricket today; we will speak about the mindset of a man who made it possible against all the odds coming from the 'cricketing backwaters' of an area called Meacon in Ranchi.

Dhoni won matches in his mind. He worked extremely hard and diligently before a game on his opponents to understand their potential and how his side can tackle them. In a particular match, the opponent might think they can win it, but Dhoni knows how to turn them in his favour. Not that it always worked, not that he is a God - but when it did, it was a pre-planned effort, or due to a mindful decision he took in the very minute as the game panned out.

Another aspect of his mindset was that Dhoni would never make his opponents feel stronger or superior to his team, even if that holds true on paper and statistically.

Here is a testament to that: During a 2008 ODI at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Dhoni and Rohit Sharma were in the middle, and Australia were on the verge of losing the match. Dhoni advised Rohit not to have a firm handshake with the Australians after winning the game. He also sent a message to the dressing room - with a player who came out in the middle with gloves - asking them not to celebrate in the balcony after beating the Australian side, known for their dominance. - It was MS Dhoni's way of saying that it is no big deal to beat the best Australian team in their own backyard.

Another example: When Dhoni was playing the Cooch Behar trophy in 1999 final, still to make a breakthrough in the Indian team, Yuvraj Singh was already a big name from Punjab. Yuvraj smashed a double century, and from the onset of the match, Dhoni's Bihar teammates were in awe of the southpaw, but the youngster from Ranchi never bothered. He never looked at Yuvraj as a star figure and treated him as just another opponent - his mindset was clear.

Now something which we all know: after taking the sabbatical following the 2019 World Cup exit for India, Dhoni served the Indian Army and extended his break indefinitely. During this time, he rode on a tractor and honed his organic farming skills after achieving a demi-god status in the country.

The song in his retirement showreel 'Mein pal do pal ka shaayar ho' perfectly depicts the kind of person he is. His daughter is probably the most prized possession for him, who rules his Instagram account. The 2011 World Cup-winning captain keeps himself away from social media and lives life is tranquility. He is stoic.

Dhoni might have won the major ICC events. But what is more important and should be learnt is that - he had complete control of his emotions,  mind!