Past results don't matter when it comes to World Cup: Rohit Sharma

Last Updated: Sat, Jun 08, 2019 23:46 hrs
Rohit Sharma

Ahead of India's clash against Australia at The Oval, opening batsman Rohit Sharma has made it very clear that past results do not matter when it comes to World Cups.

Referring to Australia's recent ODI series win in India, the centurion against South Africa feels it is pivotal to have a good day at the office and the team should not pay much attention to what has done in the past.

"I think in the World Cup, you just have to turn upon that day and play good cricket. What you have done in the past stays in the past. So I think we as a team totally believe that we have to be better on that particular day," Sharma said.

"Yes, we have had a good rivalry between the two teams in the last few months. There has been good competition between bat and ball. We played really good cricket in Australia and they played really good cricket in India so it's going to be a great contest," Sharma added.

The opening batsman opined that since this is the World Cup, a team cannot just focus on one team.

"We have had success against each other. In World cup, you play different oppositions at different times, so you have to be ready to for that challenge," Sharma said.

Australia was peppered with short-balls in their match against West Indies. According to Rohit, the Indian team would also bowl short balls, but they would aim to dismiss the batsmen by bowling good length balls as well.

"Short balls for anyone is not easy. Someone who can hook the ball also finds the short-ball difficult. We don't want to get carried away with the short ball, yes there will be short stuff bowled at the batsmen, most of the batters get out playing the good length ball, so it's important we bowl that length as well."

Talking about his knock against South Africa, Rohit termed it as probably one of his best.

His remarks come after Indian skipper Virat Kohli's remarks on the batsman's century. Kohli lauded Sharma for his knock and said it was Sharma's best innings in his opinion.

"I think it was a massive booster for me. All the cricketers want to start well in the World Cup. I felt it was not the way I would have liked to play. You have to respect the conditions, it was my one of the best innings that I have played," Sharma said.

Away from the game, MS Dhoni's decision to sport the army insignia on his wicket-keeping gloves in the match against South Africa caused a huge stir worldwide.

However, Rohit was not interested in answering anything related to it.

"I am not the captain, I have no idea about Dhoni's glove. Probably you can see it tomorrow," Sharma said.

In a way, Rohit is right not to comment on the situation surrounding Dhoni's gloves. All he should do is make sure his bat does the talking at The Oval.