Shoaib Akhtar asks India to make a gesture that Pakistan will remember forever

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Last Updated: Thu, Apr 9th, 2020, 13:10:13hrs
Shoaib Akhtar asks India to make a gesture that Pakistan will remember forever

Former Pakistan speedster Shoaib Akhtar has appealed to India to provide ventilators for their neighbouring country. 

Media reports say that the Rawalpindi Express said that should India provide Pakistan with 10,000 ventilators, and Pakistan would never forget the gesture. 

"I am forever grateful about the love I have received from the people of India. For the first time I am revealing this, whatever I used to earn from India, I made a significant amount there, thirty percent of it, I used to distribute among the low income staff who used to work with me in the TV," said Akhtar.

Akhtar recalled that he used to visit slums in Maharashtra masking his face to hand out financial help to old women during the World T20 in 2016. Akhtar has spent a lot of time in India as a commentator.

"From drivers, runners to my security guys. I took care of a lot of people. I was like if am earning from this country, I have to help my colleagues also. "I also remember visiting slums of Dharavi and Sion in the wee hours to meet people I worked with," added Akhtar.

Pakistan has over 4,000 cases of coronavirus infections with 61 reported dead and Akhtar pointed out that it was not a matter of nations and their interests alone, but human race as a whole. 

Pakistan’s first coronavirus case was reported from a man who was arrested in Italy over narcotics smuggling and handed over to Pakistan. The country is also facing a serious lack of medical supplies with the Balochistan Young Doctors Association going on strike due to lack of protective kits. 

"If India can make 10,000 ventilators for us, Pakistan will remember this gesture forever. But we can only propose the matches. The rest is up to the authorities (to decide),” added Shoaib. 

Earlier, India cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh were trolled for asking their social media followers to donate to Shahid Afridi's charity foundation which is doing its bit in Pakistan's fight against the deadly virus.

"It was inhuman to criticise them. It is not about countries or religion at the moment, it is about humanity," he opined. 

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