SLC looking to build new stadium in Colombo

Source : ANI
Author : ANI
Last Updated: Tue, May 19th, 2020, 18:10:13hrs
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Colombo [Sri Lanka], May 19 (ANI): The Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) board has made its intent clear in constructing a new 40,000 capacity stadium in Colombo.
The board has said that such a big capacity stadium needs to be constructed if the country wants to bid for ICC events such as the World Cup.

"Discussions are going on about the stadium at a high level about the ground in Colombo, which the board's executive has been made aware of. We are looking at it very positively for now and we have got the process started. The details will have to be worked out," ESPNCricinfo quoted SLC CEO as saying.
"We're making bids for World Cups, and you would need five stadiums in order to host a big event of that nature. Tournaments like this bring money into the country," he added.
As per the SLC, the board has been allocated 26 acres of land by the Sri Lankan government in the east of the city, in Homagama.
However, the ICC has not stipulated a certain number of venues in a potential host country, nor required those venues to have a certain capacity, in order to make successful World Cup bids.
The ground at Khettarama, which holds the majority of limited-overs matches played in Colombo, is now believed to be insufficient by the board in light of the board's desire to bid for ICC events.
"The Khettarama ground only has a maximum capacity of around 25,000 and we would need another floodlit ground in Colombo for day-night matches. Khettarama is also being used as a training venue for all our squads," de Silva said.
However, the board has not clarified as to how much money will be required to construct a new stadium. (ANI)