Sunil Gavaskar falls prey to 'fake' feminism

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Last Updated: Sat, Sep 26th, 2020, 12:06:49hrs
Sunil Gavaskar

Trend on social media are natural and everyone seems to be carried away in the wave. No fact checking, no understanding, no knowledge just join the trend and blindly voice your opinion to stay relevant in the present scenario.  

Sunil Gavaskar is an old man. He likes to speak his mind and knows his limits. But unfortunately, the brain or the articulate intelligence that the Little Master carries, is not even half of what these keyboard warriors use before turning an avoidable comment to a sensational issue.  

"Ab jo lockdown tha toh, sirf Anushka ke bowling ki practice ki unhone, voh video dekhiye. Usse toh kuch nahi banna hai (He only practiced against Anushka's bowling during the lockdown. See the video. That won't help)," Gavaskar said during the match between RCB and KXIP.  

Read his comments once, twice or thrice before you draw any conclusion. If that is not enough, please search Gavaskar on Twitter and you can hear the video. There stands no reason to create a fuss about it but after a Twitter-moron rephrased his comments to "Ab jo lockdown tha toh, sirf Anushka gendon ki practice ki unhone, voh video dekhiye," the controversy sparked.  

So much so, that prominent journalists, took a dig at Gavaskar and slammed him. A large number of female journalists backed bollywood actor Anushka Sharma for issuing the statement. But all this just reflects how fake 'feminism' works in the country. How one woman can stand in support for another blindly without understanding the matter. This eerily is a dangerous sign for men and they might continue to fall victim of it. 

As for Anushka Sharma, her statement makes it looks like she is somewhere agitated by the cricket fraternity continuously dragging her name. And she has the right to feel so.  

Anushka Sharma's post on Instagram


But Gavaskar, altogether, took criticism for a comment in which their hardly seems to be a mistake. 

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