Twitter breaks IPL careers, blogging makes them

Last Updated: Fri, May 27, 2011 10:37 hrs

When it comes to the Indian Premier League, it is interesting to note how much of a destructive influence Twitter is for the career, while blogging seems to make new careers.

The biggest examples are former IPL chief Lalit Modi and former union minister Shashi Tharoor who both lost their jobs over a Twitter spat. Both are yet to recover from that blow.

Shane gives a 'Warneing' to Dada & Co.

This time Modi indirectly fueled the fire by tweeting about the pitch in a match between Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings. While the Royals were beaten comprehensively, it also led to one of the biggest controversies of the current IPL.

Soon everyone got into the act. Modi continued tweeting, Shane Warne fretted and fumed, the Rajasthan Cricket Academy cried foul and IPL chief Chirayu Amin was petitioned.

The RCA over-reacted and there was talk of criminal action against both Warne's outburst against an official and commentator Dean Jones so called "derogatory" comments where he said something about "licking boots." In the end Warne apologized and saved his career (he had just one match left, which he could have missed out due to a ban) and paid a stiff $50,000 fine, a tad too much.

All in all it shows what large egos Indian officials have. In the past, officials have insulted players and got away scot-free. But when a player says something, then the house comes down and he is hauled over the coals.

All in all, it's much ado about nothing.

Then there's blogging, which made IPL cheerleader Gabriella Pasqualotto lose one career and get another one. She is being hounded by the media and getting all sorts of offers. Bollywood has approached her and you may start seeing her on talk shows soon.

India has given a lot of glamorous careers to a lot of foreigners and Gabriella may soon join the list.

In a previous edition, there was the famous blog of the Fake IPL Player. Not only was the blog a huge success, but the concerned blogger became an author too, coming out with the book The Gamechangers.

Anupam Mukerji, being just a software engineer, managed to make a cricket related career out of nothing with the above mentioned blog.

Waxing right, waning wrong

Some teams wax at the right time and some others wane at the wrong time. Last year CSK made it in their last must-win match of the league. The momentum took them straight to the title and the subsequent Champions League.

Mumbai Indians on the other hand, topped the league quite comfortably and ended up collapsing in the finals. Sachin Tendulkar scored just 9 in the semis and a slow 48 in the finals. It was probably his worst performance in that tournament.

This year also, CSK has peaked at the right time, winning three matches in a row to make it to the qualifiers. MI on the other hand lost two matches badly after topping the charts. With a desperate Kings XI Punjab, they collapsed to a low 87 all out. Then with Deccan Chargers, they couldn't even chase 136.

One of the most consistent teams of the tournament was Kolkata Knight Riders. Shahrukh Khan must be a relieved man after the debacles in the first three seasons.    

Indian Pointless League

Out of all the comebacks made by Sourav Ganguly in his life, this must have been the most meaningless and pointless. First of all, Dada came at a time when Pune Warriors India was getting eliminated from the 2011 edition. Then he didn't play in the first few matches after joining the team.

Finally, he couldn't even take revenge against his old nemesis SRK. KKR beat PWI quite comfortably and Dada could only muster up a slow 18 in a low scoring match.

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That way both Yuvraj Singh and Adam Gilchrist had the satisfaction of beating their ex-teams quite early on in the tournament.

So change really has come in West Bengal with the absence of Buddhadeb Bhattacharya from the Chief Minister's post and Dada's absence from KKR.

Wonder what has the IPL in store for Dada in 2012!

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