Watch: Dhoni says 'catch me if you can' to a fan

Last Updated: Tue, Mar 05, 2019 20:26 hrs
MS Dhoni

In the second ODI between India and Australia in Nagpur, there was another instance which showed MS Dhoni is nothing less than a god for some of his fans.

While in February, one saw a die-hard fan trying to touch his feet, Tuesday saw a man, wearing white shirt that had the no. 7 and ‘Thala’ written at the back, run towards MSD.

That is when Dhoni himself decided to make it an entertaining chase as he walked out with the rest of the team for Australia’s chase. Dhoni's first reaction was to hide behind Rohit Sharma and then he ran all the way to the pitch, in between his teammates with the fan behind him.

The chase stopped at the striker’s end and all this effort resulted in a hug from MS Dhoni. The fan was then escorted off the pitch but not before he experienced a moment that would stay with him for the rest of his life

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Dhoni was in a similar situation in New Zealand last month during the third T20I between India and New Zealand. That time too, Dhoni won hearts when a fan holding the Indian flag came to touch his feet. As the fan bent down, the flag briefly brushed the ground and Dhoni quickly took the flag away from the man before interacting with him.

No wonder he has so many fans!