Witch doctor's pigeon curse on England

Last Updated: Mon, Jun 21, 2010 07:30 hrs

A witch doctor sent a pigeon that perched on Algeria's goal during England's bore draw to curse the Three Lions.

African medicine men often use birds to deliver spells and a healer insisted that the Cape Town pigeon was sent to help Algeria's defence, The Sun reports.

Shaman Olga Mokwena, 59, said: "It could be someone supporting Algeria has visited a witchdoctor to put a spell on England."

"I am following the World Cup very well and saw the pigeon. That bird was there at night when the birds are supposed to be sleeping. And that one was not sleeping.

"That told me it was protecting the Algeria goal. It was guarding it," The Sun quoted Olga, as saying.

Olga, from Chaneng near England's Rustenburg base, said England players now need a spell of their own to beat Slovenia.

She revealed: "I'd give them something to bathe in - powder from tree bark. They need something to wash away the evil spirits." (ANI)