How technology is transforming the future of performance marketing


Technology will play a crucial role in building advertising campaigns, tracking performance and maintaining RoIs by adding more channels, reaching untapped audiences, and maintaining hygiene. Here's how.

Ad-tech has been one of the most promising mediums for promoting products and offerings for brands. Backed by daily advancements in technology, digital marketing provides advertisers and marketers with an opportunity to connect and feel the pulse of their audience in real-time. Unlike traditional marketing mediums, performance of digital marketing spending is mappable both in terms of impact and ROI.

Ad-tech has been keeping pace with the challenges and needs of advertisers and making technological improvements to stay relevant, impactful and one of the best mediums of advertising. Technology is playing a crucial role in performance marketing.

Technology is vital to bridge the gap between expectations and deliverables around performance marketing campaigns. With real-time data on audiences, their behaviours, buying patterns and even frauds the medium is already turning out to be the top choice for modern marketers. For marketeers there are five major benefits from the ad-tech space.

Omni-channel Mapping

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With technological advancements, you can tap into your customers at various points of their daily routines and can offer them the opportunity to interact with your brand at many touchpoints. From Social mediums to emails to mobile apps to OTT you can now tap into the target audience to deliver a more effective brand message.

Real-time Data

Data sets are crucial to check the performance of any marketing plan, and if that data can be in real-time and more granular, there is nothing more a marketer would want to keep a track of a campaign's performance. Stuffed with real-time detailed reports, new-age DSPs are providing platforms that can help brands invest more in performing segments and avoid spending on non-performing channels.

Go Mobile

As per the data, an average youth spends around 5 hours on their mobile screens, from online shopping, education, games, consuming content there is a whole world on the mobile screen. Using tech and the right mediums can help brands and marketers connect with their targeted audience in a better way and can help with showcasing the story of their products and offerings in a more engaging way.

Powerful Ad Stacks

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have changed how Media buying used to happen. Enabled with smart technology, Powerful Ad Stacks like Xerxes can pre-measure the segments which are responding to the campaign strategies. Equating the granular data sets at each impression, click and conversion level, a tailor-made user segmentation can be provided to ensure that not only targeted but converting audiences are mapped.

Fraud Protection Tools

Fraud has always been the biggest threat in terms of maintaining the ROI and performance of the campaigns. Creating a look-alike user pattern and sources fraudsters are eating up billions of dollars of marketing spend, but having said that such frauds can be minimized by the use of the right technologies. Investing in sophisticated pre & post-buying fraud tools and algorithms, a system can decide the sanity of sources and sub-sources over which the campaign is executed. Further clubbed with real-time granular reports an Ad Stack can judge and protect from Ad fraud in the very early stages and help maintain and improve the campaign's performance.

Ad-tech providers, technology makers and marketers have been coming together to make a solution that can help advertisers and brands reach their users in a more engaging and innovative way and build a story that can connect and create impact. Technology will be playing a crucial role in building the campaign's performance and maintaining ROIs by adding more channels, reaching untapped audiences, and maintaining hygiene.

Alok Pandey is Vice President for Sales & Marketing at Xapads Media. Image attributed to Sify Technologies.

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