Adarsh takes you through all the new features that are available while viewing the ongoing Men’s Cricket World Cup in India.

Ever since Disney+Hotstar won the rights to telecast the ICC Men’s World Cup in India, they have been working on a host of features to improve the viewing experience. With advancement in technology and superior internet connections available everywhere, their task has become a whole lot easier this time around.

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Here are 6 features that Hotstar has introduced that will take your World Cup viewing experience up a few notches:

1. MaxView for Vertical Viewing

In partnership with ICC, Hotstar has come up with this new feature to enable one handed viewing. With MaxView, cricket fans can experience the match more conveniently. Along with the live feed, the format also showcases the scorecard and ad formats, making it a more complete experience.

2. Always-On Cricket Scorecard

This feature allows viewers to multitask on their phones. With the minimised scorecard always visible on a corner of their screen, it will ensure that cricket fans will never miss any crucial action or update.

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3. Live Feed Tab

Who needs a commentator when you have the live feed tab! With contextual information like player statistics and match updates always on your screen, cricket aficionados don’t have to keep waiting for the commentator to provide them with trivia.

4. AI-Powered Video Clarity

To ensure that hazy weather conditions don’t affect the viewing experience, Hotstar is using AI-based video clarity enhancements to boost the viewing quality. This will be very useful as there is a lot of rainfall and thunderstorms expected around India during the ongoing World Cup month.

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5. Content Discovery

The new Coming Soon tray keeps viewers updated on all the content that will be available soon. There is paid content as well as free content so that users can choose what they want to view and whether they want to pay for it or only watch what is freely available.

6. Optimised Data Usage

Knowing that a lot of cricket fans in India have daily data packs or are worried about data consumption, Hotstar has optimised video delivery in a fashion that allows high quality streaming with minimal data usage. This way fans can stream the entire match without compromising on video quality or worrying about how much it’s going to cost them.

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Which is the feature you’re most excited about? Let us know in the comments section!

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